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Welcome! I’m introducing myself to new readers by offering short stories. If you’re on for it, you can support me by buying one on Amazon, or you can join the InkICan Crew, and get all my short stories for free!

Planet Ugh

The aliens have arrived, and Earth makes first contact. Do they think we’re ready to meet the rest of the universe? Our representative makes his case, but the conversation isn’t going well …

Body Issues

Ava is your typical high-school Freshman. She’s got friends, family, and oh yes, access to the hottest body modification science on the planet. DNA strand engineering, nanoreceptor reflex boosters and cloned bone cells. How are you supposed to ‘just be yourself’ when a clinic can make you into a supermodel overnight? Bonus Wallpaper

Superhero Shrink: Climate Change

Dr. Christopher is back with a new set of patients and a new set of problems. How will the superhero wars affect our global climate? No one is quite sure, but everyone knows that Dr. Christopher is caught in the middle.

Search and Rescue

Ryan is a special teen with a tough job. He goes out in search of children who have been lost and are beyond the reach of other scouts. It isn’t easy to find kids no one else can find, but every rescue is important. Even this one.

The Superhero Shrink

Dr. Christopher has a very difficult, unique job. He’s a psychiatrist who works with superheroes. Some legendary warriors come with baggage and his job is to help ‘keep ’em flying.’ Half-serious, half-dark comedy, ‘The Superhero Shrink’ is “‘The Avengers’ Meets ‘Ordinary People,'” an honest look at the people behind the masks.

Overly-Attached AI

When his phone comes to life and confesses his love, Rob has a choice to make. Can he embrace this relationship, or will he incur the wrath of a computer that knows everything about his life?
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